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Dana 44?

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I'm not sure what that is. . . And can anyone tell me what transmission and gears i have with a 1987 4.0 standard with a dana 30 and dana 44?


standard meaning 5 speed?


you've got 3.07 gears, or you did, unless someone swapped axles.



the proportioning valve is the part that the metal rod connected to the driver's side of the diff cover goes to. disconnect it and push it vertical with the arm it connects to on the body being parallel to the ground.

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it controls the output of your rear brakes. The arm on the valve moves up and down with body movement. More weight in the bed means lower body means more braking. That's why that rod needs to be vertical, you just have to pop the rod off, move the arm on the valve up and then pop the rod back on.

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