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Lift kit

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i am thinking of putting this kit on when i convert to 4x4. MJ Comanche 4.5" Spring Pack Kit KIT INCLUDES:

• Front 4.5" coil springs

• Rear 4.5" leaf springs

• Fixed front lower control arms

• Front hydro preformance shocks

• Rear hydro prformance shocks

• Adjustable trac bar

• Transfer case drop kit

• Brake line extension kit

• Grade 8 U-Bolts

• 6 degree shims

**You will use your factory shackles with this kit.



Should i need anything else like a longer driveshaft to install this or should my stock one be ok? i have a dana 35 np231 5 speed 4.0L

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On an MJ with 4.5" of lift, you don't really need the shims or transfer case drop kit. Since our wheelbase is much longer and driveshaft is much longer, we can get away with a larger lift without worrying about SYE or drop brackets and whatnot.

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* Fixed LCA's

I would go with adjustable LCA's.


*Drack bar drop bracket

The track bar and the drag link need to be at the same angle. Dropping one without dropping the other will cause bumpsteer and possibly death wobble. Since you are getting an adjustable track bar, I would stay away from the drop.



*No adjustable uppers?

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this ^^^^


ive looked around since i bought my lift from rough country/hell creek and it seems the motion offroad 4.5 kit is the way to go. comes with pretty much everything you need plus stuff others don't add in. i don't know about the quality but it seems pretty good to me

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