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save this custom manche at u pull it in pa


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90 2wd bed looks to have never been used. 5 speed. Custom white pearl paint with graphics. Roof has a section that wa cut out that includes the rear window. Then a plexi cover can be put on or taken off, cover is there but is broken, seems to have had some system to latch it to the bed when the driver wanted open air...they did not touch or mess up the door frame or door opening, all professionally done very clean. 134k miles. Short bed. Looks to have stainless headers, dyno max muffler rancho adustable shocks, custom alloys. What I think happed is that this thing was a show truck then was parked outside and forgotten. Someone probably inherited it tried to sell it and had no bites; there is tape on the window from a for sale sign. So then they junked it. Still mostly intact, ultra-clean underside body looks great. I worked on getting the transmission nose, other than that and the cat it's all there. Seems the once immaculate rust free rear bumper got damaged in the yard as did the fuel tank. This jeep should not be here. If I go back and no one here has saved it I am going to remove the bed and the tranny. Will post pics when I get home, on cell now. If you go and take it please save me the tranny nose which is already nearly off ran out of time.


There is also an XJ with tubular bent lower arms and a lift, as well as one with a warn black diamond lift.

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I wanted to buy the whole Jeep...maybe even fix the roof, or was hoping someone here would...but they won't sell me the whole thing only piece by piece. So this week I am going back to get the rest of the tranny the whole bed and gate...mine is completely rotted out...I should leave my Jeep there and take that one...LOL. Shame that Jeep was tossed out.


It hasnt been messed up yet has it? Hate when people ruin the whole damn car to get one small piece.

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Are those special guages in there or did someone just paint the insert?

Its an insert you can get to put in the surround.


They used to come in brushed stainless, aluminum and a couple of colors, and a carbon fibre looking one.


This is the brushed stainless when its installed...


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