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not sure what lift kits to use any help?

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i have been reading about all sorts of lifts kinds/ types. i am looking for an overall of about 4.5-5 inch lift. i have heard that hell creek is good lift kit. however through the reading i find that people are constantly changing or adding different parts to their lifts. i am looking for a kit that i can buy wiht out having to purchase a bunch of other stuff. does any one know if hell creek as the complete kit that i will not have to worry about adding to? or if there is another brand that will offer a kit that can be put on and still perform well? i also do not know the difference in short arm/ long arm. what would be my best choice and why? all help is greatly appreciated

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Long arm will give you a better ride, more stability, and better flex off-road... but it will be more costly to set up.


Hell creek makes great rear leafs, if that's the route you are going, I can't speak about coils.


I used RE 4.5" ZJ coils on my MJ and it worked PERFECT with a spring over in the rear.





The key thing to remember, is that no one company makes the best of everything. RE sells a great LA kit for the front, but you will need custom work to SOA the rear. T&T Customs has an amazing LA kit as well. 5.5 SUA will be difficult to achieve. No lift company is going to have the rear driveshaft you need, but they may be able to sell you a SYE of your choice if you want to go that route.


There really is no set, all-in-one solution to lifting an MJ.

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I hate the terms long arm and short arm,there are many different configurations of each and they all perform differently. I don't have long arms but i have outflexed rigs that did.


The best thing to do is spend some time and do research on the different lifts and see which is the type your looking for then look for a kit that suits your needs.


Any lift kit is gonna make your truck go down the road. Whether it has everything you want is up to you and what your after.

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