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*sigh*. again...but not to strip


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went out for the second load of parts from the latest '99 I stripped, and stopped in at my friend's junkyard that I grabbed the '87 from originally.


and now I'm out $550.


now, alot of people will think I screwed the pooch and spent too much. let me tell you, this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for, for my dad's diesel restoration (his body is GONE and has started to go "freakjeep" on the frame).


it's an '86 4 cyl 5 speed 4x4...


metric ton

amc20 rear

4.11 gears

from california.

factory cargo light

split rear

bucket interior (ugly butterscotch :yuck:)




the worst part is the dent in the bed. it *may* be fixable, but likely I will use that part of the bed from the 3800 to repair this bed...


the engine is blown, it has 4.11 gears. I sent an email to the state asking about vehicle body replacement on frame :D, to get permition to do my plans. my dad and I have been looking for this exact truck for 5 years. it's the only year mj that has everything exactly where it needs to be in order to use it as a donor for a diesel. we have a new motor, this truck has 112k on it, I'm going to put the renault 2.1 input shaft into this lower miles ax5. it has the same axles, with lower miles, so I won't need to remove these in order to restore this into a perfect upgraded diesel clone.


and despite the dent, the rust free part is what I paid for. I'd pay a grand for a rust free shell on junk roller axles...the rest of the parts are a bonus. now I can put the 3800 to factory '86 metric ton specs, and sell the dana 44 from it, or swap it into the '87 to get the trac-loc in my DD.



yes. I am awesome.

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Your ability to find MJ's on a daily basis amazes me. Looks good, nice find.


lol, thanks.


It needs work...no doubt about that. the pass. front fender and door were replaced...but i verified the inner fender etc. are all straight, looks like it musta just been brushed up against something on just those panels.


dent in the bed I can work with. driver's door and fender I *could* fix, but I'll just replace them. interior is gonna go, and the engine and wiring will go byebye as well.


keeping the chrome trim tail lights, chrome tailgate handle, axles, rear suspension, and bucket seat brackets. everything else will be gutted and replaced with what comes out of the diesel.


this is the second most expensive MJ I've ever purchased...but with the lack of rust, it is worth every penny of it. and I will make my $$$ back selling parts left over after doing the whole swappage and whatnot.

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very very nice find! :clapping: :cheers:




edit gonna be a great project! :popcorn:


thanks, and yes, it will. like I said, not as perfect as I'd have liked...but I can work with this. and I can make $350 off my d44/tracloc 3.55 axle, $75 for my 3.55/disco d30 from the 3800, and some other leftover parts from the project.


this gives the 3800 factory '86 M/T, 4.11 gears, amc20. it will be nice to order all '86 parts for it again except the engine/trans stuff lol.


sleep well tonight :wavey: umn.gif :papers: :wrench:


ugh. i'll sleep worse. that put a huge dent in my unemployed ars's bank account.

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yes. I am awesome.


Truly. :bowdown:




thanks, Don. more than I wanted to pay for it, but it is something that will help me get projects done...and I can sell stuff right away here from the 3800 since it's not mobile anyways, plus the 2.5 parts, plus interior. I don't want any of that stuff. gonna strip it inside a week once it gets home on saturday.

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