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Wheel hub assembly

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Ok so I have to change my wheel U-joints, but I can't get my wheel hubs out. On my fathers truck I used a 12 point socket to remove the three bolts, but mine are far too rusty to use a 12 point. Anyone have any ideas, other than grinding the heads off and having to buy new wheel bearings and trying to find 6 new bolts?

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If the heads are too rusty to get a 12 point socket or wrench on, try one of the sockets designed for damaged bolt heads. Also heat the area of the knuckle around the bolts. Heat does wonders for loosening up rusty bolts.

You'll have to replace the bolts but if they're that rusty you probably should anyway.

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I've always been able to pull mine out with a 12 pt box wrench, using the two wrench trick to pop it loose, then a ratcheting wrench to work it out.

I don't live in the rust belt so really never had a big problem removing mine. As as a rule though, when reinstalling I always put anti-seize on the bolts, heads and around the unit bearing surface, where it fits in the knuckle. Cheap insurance for future removals.

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