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Dakota gas tank?

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Might be new to the Comanche world as I'm considering buying an '89 4.0, AX-15, shortbed, 2wd MJ from a friend. Always owned jeeps and the current one is a '68 C101 that I've spent the last several years restoring. Spent way too much time the last couple of days reading this forum (worse than porno to a teenager) and considering just how I might build an MJ along with admiring the craftmanship of several completed projects on this forum.


Anyway, I recall reading somewhere early on (can't locate it now) about using a poly gas tank from a Dakota to replace a rusted metal MJ tank. Does anyone know the particulars of this mod? I looked at a longbed Dakota today and the poly tank appears to be quite large. Is the stock MJ tank really only 13.5 gallons? Has anyone put in dual tanks, one on each side? It appears there might be room on the passenger side for a 2nd tank if a short muffler was used and pushed back as close as possible to the rear axle.


Thanks in advance and again thanks for the interesting reading.

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I can't comment on the feasability of the Dakota tank, but noticed yesterday, while working on a Liberty, that its tank appears to be a similar size to a shortbed Comanche, and its poly. I took measurements for future reference. It is about 34" long, 16" wide at fill tube end, 13" wide on other end, and around 15" tall. The pump is mounted in the top. Not sure if this would be adaptable or not, but might be worth a shot. And its Jeep too!

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