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Comanche 4WD Actuator Brand

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Hello, I am new here.


I'm looking to buy a 92 Jeep Comanche from a used car dealer here and the dealership told me that the Comanche is in good condition but the 4WD Actuator is in need of replacement. I thought to myself no problem.


Now I'm trying to find a 4WD Actuator online and could you perhaps suggest a good brand. It could be OEM as well.



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4wd actuator( if the guy is correct) is the vacuum operated $#!& collar thatt engages the front pass. side axle. (look for vacuum lines and a housing thing on your pass side behind the rear tire axle area


And the actuator itself is quite expensive; i have two on reserve for that reason. once you find what I'm talking about take off the bolts that hold it on and look look for a big c thingy and a couple of axles. If your on level ground not too much gear oil will leak out. Lemme know

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If it is the axle disconnect that you are reffering to, you can lock it into the always on position, and forget about it.... the newer models did this anyways, so no big deal. If you do want to keep it functional, there are kits available that use a cable mechanism to move the axle disconnect assuming that an original is too expensive or unavailable. To know for sure what your problem is we really need more information. I juts hope the dealer isnt calling the transfer case an actuator..... should just be an easy fix....BUY IT!

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As the first reply stated, the 92 model year NEVER CAME WITH A DISCONNECT FRONT AXLE.


As such, the transfer case does not have a vacuum switch to operate one.


Not entirely true. I used to think the same about 91, but my Dad's 91 XJ had a factory CAD system.


Also, the 92 model year DID come 2wd, and it's entirely possible a CAD 4wd system was used to convert it.

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Thanks guys for all your infos. This will help me eventually in my DIY after purchase of the 92 Comanche.

Yesterday, I spoke with the dealer and he gave me the part number and his OEM supplier of parts for his business.

He referred to a clueless me at first the part that was in need of purchase.

DORMAN 4WD ACTUATOR -- This high quality 4WD actuator directly replaces OE number 8350 3113; With Dorman's limited lifetime warranty.

Note that the part is for a 86-87 Comanche and I have to find the exact part for the 92 Comanche. Called up the site and the op told me that they are expecting the actuator for the 92 Comanche next month.

Then me and the dealer got on an argument:

Me: Fix the jeep first and I'll buy it.

Dealer: Son, buy it and DIY fix it. Its simple.

Me: No way man, I'd rather look elsewhere for a fault free Comanche.

Dealer: Your loss kid, goodluck finding your Comanche elsewhere. Uncle Ernie Sells the Best Cars.

Owning a Comanche btw is one of my teenage dream.
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Seriously, even if it has a CAD, and the actuator is fubar, just lock it over and forget it's there.



You'll replace the actuator, and then find out that what was really bad wasn't the "actuator" at all, but the vacuum harness that activates it. I don't even know if that's still available. When it was, it sold for about $25. Then you'll change that, and discover that the problem really wasn't the actuator OR the vacuum harness, but a busted shift fork inside the disconnect.


Just slide it over manually, shim it in place, and forget it. There are write-ups on exactly how to do it in the DIY area here.

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