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Nice cell phone mount..expensive.

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I use the GPS on my cell phone from time to time and the hands free too. I bought a cheap e--bay windshield suction cup mount, but it fell off all the time. I also couldn't get the right angle on the holder. I was either looking at a washed out screen or the glare off the screen made it hard to see. Anyway I did some googling for a better mount and after wrestling with the price, I decided to buy it. Here's the web site for ProClip. The result almost looks like a factory installed clip. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I think it's something I could have made out of some sheet metal, but here it is..










You have to buy 2 parts. The holder for your cell phone and the mount for your car. They didn't list Comanche's but we all know the Cherokee is the same. The clip I got when I selected my cell phone is a universal clip. It works good for my cell phone but if your car charger plugs in on side near the bottom like my RAZR phone the clip will be in the way. Although this cost around $70.00 (10% discount at the time) I like it and if I change cell phones I only have to buy the clip or if I change cars I only need the mount. I also like that I didn't have to drill holes in the dash.



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