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Finally, the TPS in my MJ found its way to the top of the project list.

(It wanted to idle at 3250 rpm the other day)


Well, I called around and the only one available in my area was at O'Reilly's. Which was fine, I have been using them almost exclusively since they opened here.


I had it held, and ran to get it.


It was $105.99 :eek: :cry: :mad:


But noone else could get it for a week. and ended up being almost the same price.


So if you have a Renix 4.0 with a 5-speed, get ready to be butt hurt...


But I think I'm officially on my regular O'Reilly counter jock's Christmas Card list.

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My TPS problem started as a higher than normal(about 2k or so). But it would last for a few minutes and go away. Slowly it got worse. It had finally degraded to where it either idled completely normally or at about 3250 RPM. Never good on the motor, and it made driving a manual really exiciting.



It is TONS better now. I need to remove the IAC valve and clean the throttle body really well.

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