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1987 2.5 4 speed 4x4 MJ diesel conversion ?

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here goes first post and cool site.


I have a 122 ci toyota diesel engine in good condition. Also have a rusted to heck 85 f250 4x4 diesel .

Do I put the toyota engine in the mj 4x4 . Or put the mj on the f250 chassis ?

Has anyone fitted a mj to a ford 4x4 chassis around here.

The 2.5 in the 1987 4 speed mj is worn out 256k on it and lots of low end rattle at 55 mph.


Reason I want to go diesel is cost of fuel . As I have over 3k gals.of clean WVO at this time.

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If you try to put the MJ body on the Ford frame you will end up having to build custom crossmembers because the ford rails will now be a nice set of rock sliders to the MJ body, Also as stated before the MJ cab is unibody and has no body mounts to attach to the donor Ford frame.

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well found out toyota corolla diesel 1984 uses other tranny bolt pattern then toy pu so no easy swap . also was upin the barn and remembered I have a 188d from a case loader .

The 2.5 has really bad blow by and low end rattle at over 50 mph . so will have to go with something soon . Do have a 2.5 but was from a front wheel drive chevy . And do not know if it has same bolt pattern

As would prefer to go diesel due to free fuel . Just picked up another 20 gal of wvo today .

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