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Possible Comanche Build-opinions

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I have a 1988 Comanche, 4.0, B/A 10, 2WD, Dana 35 in the rear. It's got

21X,XXX miles on the body, engine, and tranny.


I would like this:


Beefed up 4.0


Dana 300

Dana 44 in front

Ford 9" in rear

34" or 35" Super Swampers or similar tires

run of the mill D-window rims


Other mods:

rattle can paint job

some fog lights

bumpers front and rear

some interior stuff that just needs fixed


Points I need adressed:


How much lift do I need for these 35"s? I would like to get away with 4" to 4.5" of lift. I don't want it sky high in the air.


What do I need to make these axles work, i.e., springs in the back, shocks and coils up front. Any kind of plates? What size springs? If I can find them off an old Chevy or something, that woulds be kosher.


Will the 4.0 work with the AX-15? The AX-15 with a Dana 300? I know I will have to get drive shafts made, and yokes and pinions and such.


Opinions and input please. comanche.gif

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i think that for 35" tires a 4.5" lift would make you chop the hell out of your fenders to fit them under your truck. I think but don't know for sure that for 35's you will need a 6" lift with some trimming but i don't know for sure :dunno: sounds like a full build if you go though with it but since ive been on hear like 3 people had made a good talk but never made the walk :( have fun :D



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Sounds like a lot to take on. Why not start by doing a 4x4 conversion and work your way up.


I would go 4.0l, ax15,231,dana 30 front. 6-6.5" lift. That will get you going then you can build from there. Not sure I would mess with the 300 or the 9",I would go 231 or 242 and dana44 or ford 8.8

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I once test fitted 36x12.5's on my rig. with 5" of lift they would clear but the rear fenders would need to be widened. Minor trimming/folding will be needed for 35"s on a 4.5". I would try to find a D60 for the rear but the 9" is more realistic. I would start with the 4x4 conversion. I would go 4.0 ax15 Nv231 doubler unless a D300 is available for you, D44 rear d30 front 4.56 gearing, D30 super axle conversion, Aussie rear, Ox front, Soa rear with mid arm front. :drool:

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The only reason I am opposed to a Dana 30 front, or a different transfer case, is I have the axles already, and I have a Dana 300. The only thing 'new' I would have to buy would be the lift, the tranny, driveshafts, and all the assorted nuts, bolts, bushings, etc, etc.


Also, I am not making a rockcrawler. Trail use mainly, with some bouncing through the bush. I want it capable, but not over the top. I could use 33's as well. If I did that, would I be able to get back down to the 4.5" of lift? The reason I have those numbers in mind, 6", 4.5", that is what Hell Creek suspension has available for this truck, and the price difference is about $500.

Ah, yes. Lockers as well. I think with all this combined it would be very capable off-road.



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When you buy the ax15 its gonna more then likely gonna have a 231 already hooked to it. I say dana 30 for now because it is a simple bolt in where your 44 is not.


Also what are the axles out of? You could spend thousands just getting those axles under there


Also keep in mind that off the shelf lifts are designed for stock trucks and axles.if you build yours the way you want a regular lift kit might not work and you will have to go custom with the lift.


As far as lift and tires everyone has a different opinion,I have about6.5-7" and 33x12.5s and I think its perfect. But then a guy here has about the same size lift and 37s,with enough bump stopping and trimming you could probably get 35s on with about 3" of lift but you won't have much up travel

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I was running 36's on my old XJ with 8" and wanted to drop down to 6", that was trimmed to hell though. If you want the full range of the flex, you'll be stuck with 36's and 6" with a ton of trimming. If you are just looking to shove larger tires in there with barely any flex, I'm sure you can fit 35's with a 4.5" lift with trimming the fenders and bed to all hell.


I plan on running 37's with one tons under my Comanche once the funds permit (already have the axles, just need to rebuild them), but I plan on trimming and having all that space to fully flex.


If you already have the dana 300, looking into an AX15 with the NP231 and run a doubler. You can get the transfer case gearing down to 7.1 that way. If you run the 4.1 kit in the NP231, you can reach 10.1.

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