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Making the 2.5 a nice DD again.

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Several years ago I got my 1991 2.5, 2wd AX-4 3.55 geared D35. It was nice. Unfortunately, I did not find CC right away, and I didn't really know that much, and it kinda went south.


Day I got it:



Bed kinda rusted out, it began to need a ton of little things, although I still drove it until it started running weird, and then the rear axle crapped out on me. It's since gotten a better bed, although that still needs a little work... but she's finally getting the attention she needs.




Sat over here for about a year




Recently I got it over to the concrete pad to get worked on. Took me two days to get oil pressure in the motor just so it could drive itself to where it needed to be.




I have a laundry list of what it needs, but mainly I need to get:

Rear axle replaced

Massive brake work

Bed removed and broken bolts taken out of it

Whatever's going on with the motor fixed

Gonna do main and rod bearings

Drain and replace ALL fluids.

Replace nearly the entire exhaust

Get my new water pump and radiator it in, possibly new hoses

Figure out the vacuum line mess

Get the windshield replaced


After that it should at least be inspectable. I haven't decided if the 3.55 8.25 will go in right away to keep it 4wd, or if the 4.10 one will go in and just worry about the front axle after it's driving.

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Only a few months of good weather left Correy! Get going!


This is Missouri. I can work through the Winter :yes:


Hopefully most of the repairs will go smoothly, and all that I'll need is a job to drive her to every day and finish everything on it, then decide what I'm doing with ole' smurfy over there.

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There's a shop about 45 minutesish away that'll bore it out for $20 a cylinder. Any way you guys know of to measure how deep it is before I haul it to a shop?


Pulled the valves today. In my uneducated mind, they look like they'll be fine to reuse after a lap job.








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