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My comanche dilemma


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Here's how it went with the wife:


Her: I think my parents are going to buy a new pickup this winter. I want their old jeep.

Me: Are you serious? I don't think that's a good idea.

Her: It's a great old pickup! What's wrong with it?

Me: Well, we already have a pickup that's practically brand new and does everything I've ever asked of it. The last time I borrowed that jeep the transmission crapped out on me and the brakes were barely functional. I don't need ANOTHER project...

Her:My dad fixed all that and besides, we need a 4x4 to get up our new [crappy] driveway in the bad weather.

Me: Paying $10k to get our driveway paved is cheaper than upgrading all our vehicles to 4-wheel drive.

Her: OK, so you don't have to drive the jeep. I'll drive it.

Me: Seriously? We have a baby on the way and you want to be the one driving that 2-seat deathtrap? Plus its mileage has got to be what, 10 mpg?

Her: Stop exaggerating! We'd get it for free!

Me: "Free vehicle" does not mean "keeps running for free"...

Her: I still want it. It's a cool old truck. It's collectible! Everyone wants it!

Me: They can have it! Why are you so attached to it? Your parents got it used in 92 and you moved out the next year. The only thing they used it for was to...haul your horses around. Crap. You know we're not getting horses again anytime soon, right?

Her: Yeah. I still want the jeep.

Me: *sigh*


Needless to say, I lost that argument! It looks like sometime in the next 3-4 months we'll be trading in the 2-door Tacoma for something more "family friendly" and getting a 87(?) comanche to take the Tacoma's functional place. As you can see, I was pretty opposed to this at first, but cruising around and doing some research (including looking around the forums here), I'm coming around. Especially if this isn't going to be a daily driver and it's no big problem when/if it craps out. Except for some of the issues noted above (bad brakes and transmission, reportedly fixed), it's in really pretty good shape. I have no idea how many miles are on it. I know it's a long bed. I suspect it's a 6-cylinder. I hope it's got the "metric ton" package, and if it doesn't I may want to retrofit...If the brakes are still crummy, maybe switching them out for discs. Power steering would be a nice add, too...now you see there, it's starting already. Like I said, I don't need another project.

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Youve been bitten, its already starting to infect you. Once you get to drive it around some it will only get worse. It starts with a few little upkeep upgrades and progresses from there, two years from now, youll own at least one more MJ, and probably another non running XJ that you want to keep for "parts", but secretly want to fix them up also. Its only a matter of time..... :brows:

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Does she have a sister? ;) My wife and I had it out regarding my recent " interest " in investing $$ into the MJ. All thanks to this Comanche Club group of guys. It sat for 95% of the time for the last 8 years until I got the bug and started improving it with new tires, shell, bedliner paint job, and scored a front bumper and bucket seats from a member. ($20)

When I told her I was meeting another member to pick up a rear bumper w/brackets and the bucket seat brackets to go with my new seats, she told me I better not put one more dime into that " old piece of crap ". I said I will NOT stop fixing it up and in fact am going to sell my MBz CLK 430 since it now sits in the garage 95% of the time. I didn't even mention my "comanche fund" I'm saving to buy a really nice 4.0 in two years. :brows:

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it truly is addiction. i sold my old f150 and was looking for something 4wd. at the time i wanted a cherokee. went to a jeep dealer and they just took in a CLEAN RUST FREE (rare in ohio) 2wd long bed 1992 4.0l auto. at the time i didnt know the rarity of it. passed on it cause it was 2wd. got a cherokee, and built it up. the comanche always was in my mind though. bought an 88 longbed in indiana (9 hour drive for me) and towed it home. then found my nextone on craigslist and bought that and ended up buying a parts cherokee too. justrecently i picked up another 4wd eliminator. now I'm looking to add a forth as my friends dad just inherited a 92 longbed stick 4.0l 4wd and may be looking to get rid of it. no rust whatso ever. 63,000 miles on the clock :drool:


anyways, welcome to the madness!!!!




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