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Can anybody tell me what this tube is for?

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There is a tube that is not connected to anything. It has a plastic cap with a hole on the end, looks like a vent tube maybe. My trucks runs fine, I was just wondering what it may be for. :dunno:


1992 Jeep Comanche, 4.0 6cyl, manual 5 spd, 2wd short bed.


Here is a link to the picture. I also found other connections that are not connected to anything, I created a album with pics of all the connections. If you could help me with these other connections let me know, I will send the links to the pics, thanks.


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Automan 2164, yes you are correct. I am talking about the rubber hose with the white line and the plastic pointed end on it.


My wiper fluid works fine. I do need to find out why my wiper blades do not drop all the way to the bottom of the windsheild when I turn them off, they stop about half way.

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You guys where right. The hose turned out to be for a rear wiper unit. I have a MJ and this hose it not used. I checked out a XJ the other day, that hose connects to another hose that runs to the rear wiper washer. Thanks guys for the help.


By looking at this XJ with the same 4.0 6cyl engine I was able to find out what every wire was for that is not connected on my MJ. My MJ is a base model 5 speed 2WD so I do not have all the extra's.

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