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Had to spam a couple of your email addys, ppl...


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Heads up - two guys here [old pals from the MJ list] and one guy from work have some virus infecting their puters. I have been getting emails with no subject line and a link in the body for mail order drugs and stuff. My puter detects the threats now that I trained it to.


Basically, if you see an email with no subject from someone in your address book, its probably one of those. It will have nothing but a link in the body such as ....


http:// www .gxbt.besdrugsx. com

http:// movujivu.t35. com/

http:// novogof.t35. com/


don't CLICK ON THEM!! I told the guy at work about it and either he's not doing anything about it or is still trying to fix it cuz they're still coming every couple days and landing in my spam folder.

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Well, don't know what the hell is going on. I logged into the ol' email account, and checked the sent messages... Last ones sent were in 3/09... So if any of you get a message from automan2164@yahoo.com with only a link, don't click it. What's even worse is that someone has access to the address book. Sorry all. Password has been changed, let me know if you guys keep getting them.


Rob L. :dunno:

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