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Best wheel spacers?


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Hey all, I'd like to get some wheel spacers on the rear of my MJ to increase stability on the freeways. Any recommendations?


I'm looking for quality items that won't fail me half way up a disused Rocky mountain FSR with the camper on board.


Also, will I need to do any mods like fitting longer wheel studs?


Thanks :waving: image_209027.gif

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Thanks for the advice guys, Spidertrax it is then or ........

Dually conversion, perhaps?

I have considered this! Is there any info out there on this subject? Has anyone here done a dually conversion?

What would be perfect for my truck is to have some way to run it as a dually when hauling and then be able to run it as normal for the DD. That possible?



edit: just had a search, found some threads but no specific info. Can any one tell me if there is an axle type I could simply swap in? Or is it more complex than that? I already have beef'd up rear springs and air springs.


TIA :thumbsup:

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What I had in mind is the dually conversion adapters that JC Whitney sells (or used to sell). They work much like deep spacers, except that they fit outside of the first set of wheels. The adapter is bolted on with the first wheel, then the outer wheel is bolted to the adapter. So it would then be a simple matter to remove the duallies and run it in stock configuration when the extra width or capacity isn't needed.


Here ya go: http://answers.jcwhitney.com/answers/19 ... stions.htm

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