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lock cylinder

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1) Remove horn button and steering wheel. Refer to the

STEERING WHEEL & HORN REMOVAL article. Remove turn signal switch.

Remove key warning buzzer switch and contacts as an assembly, using

needle-nose pliers.

2) On models with standard column, turn ignition lock

cylinder (clockwise) 2 detent positions beyond the "OFF/LOCK"

position. On models with tilt column, turn lock cylinder to "LOCK"

position. On all models, compress lock cylinder retaining tab and

remove lock cylinder from housing. See Fig. 1.



1) To install, insert key in lock cylinder. Hold cylinder

sleeve while turning key clockwise until key stops. Align lock

cylinder retaining tab with keyway in housing. Insert cylinder into


2) Push lock cylinder inward until it contacts lock sector.

Rotate cylinder to engage it with lock sector. Push lock cylinder

inward until cylinder retaining tab engages in housing groove. To

complete installation, reverse removal procedure.


i can e-mail you the PDF if ya want

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Not to threadjack to much here but Stumpy do you havre the entire PDF for a MJ? Is it a haynes or chilton type or what? If you do can you PM me I have an idea I would like to try with it to get it availible to all that needs it. Just pm with the Info. Thanks alot and sorry for the Jack.



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