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Need help pulling engine

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Okay guys this is a very newbie question, where are the locations of all the engine mounting bolts and engine to torque converter bolts. It is a '88 comanche w/ a I6 4.0L engine w/ a 4spd auto tranny. We are pulling this engine from a not so decent truck (just look at the bed!) also the frame is pretty much rusted away. Also before pulling the engine we had starter problems there was a clicking sound but the starter (Mitsubishi) wouldn't move, we cleaned it and it still wouldnt work even when directly hooked up to the battery which was at 8 volts. Also any tips on pulling the transmission? Thanks! I hope I gave you guys enough information



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If youre parting it out, there are several people on here that would like to have that visor!


X2 on that visor I want it ........


the best way to pull that engine is to do it one piece

with the tranny and the t-case then its easyer to take them apart after

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Yeah we're parting it out, just name a price on the visor and you can have it, we will consider it. The only thing we're keeping is the rear end, trans & tcase and engine. Well we got it so the trans is pretty much dropped we just can't separate it from the engine, we are thinking of dropping the whole unit like you said. Except all the steering linkages are in the way! Well its only been day three since we started on it not bad for amateur mechanics.

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I posted a similar question about a month ago or so.


Pull it as one piece. Unbolt the motor mounts from the frame and be sure to get ALL of the t-case linkage disconnected (if a 4wd) truck. Use an engine leveler (load leveler) on the hoist and it should be a quick job. I left all bracketry and manifolds on the block. Bolted the chains to the two left side head studs, using additional nuts/washers and used an AC compressor bolt hole.

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I agree with pulling the engine/tranny/Tcase as one unit :yes:


But......from what I'm reading, your past that point.


What are you asking :dunno:


Your going on about the starter and this and that :hmm:


It seams like the tranny is hung up, and your asking about the torque converter bolts???


First you remove the starter, all cables and linkage from the transmission, and the CPS. Then you remove the lower cover plate from the front of the tranny, and remove the 4 torque converter bolts. You get all four bolts with turning the engine (clockwise) from the harmonic balancer bolt.


Then you drop the tranny cross member down *with the tranny on a transmission jack, or equal* and remove the engine/tranny bolts, and don't forget the two screws in the front of the tranny for the dust plate.


All bolts and screws removed, you pull the tranny back, and out.


The engine will drop down in the back. A block of wood between the engine and the fire wall will keep it from dropping too much.


Hook up the chain and hoist/puller/tractor, and unbolt the engine mounts from the frame brackets, and hoist away.


Oh, after you pull the exhaust off, and all the wire harnesses and what not.

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