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500 MJ


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1988, Jeep Comanche, Pioneer.









Stock Configuration:


4.0L / AW-4 / D35 / SWB


Notes: On my way home from a project at work I came across this junk yard and stopped in to take a look. They said they had one out back by the big waterhole, well I got out there and found it IN the waterhole, been there awhile, been under water lots too. Not much left to it, the motor, trans and 2wd front axle are gone. The box has had some funky body work done to it on the passenger side and the tailgate isn't much good. I left the tail-lights on it as they were nothing special and one was cracked. Paint is burnt off, was black. Its got a maroon interior, seat it gone, sliding rear window and a tilt column with the column shift for the Automatic (both good). Nothing really special about it, it doesn't have many parts left on it. Engine bay has been pretty well picked over. I found a few parts and grabbed them. Had good interior lights (both had both prongs) and rear license plate wiring harness, which all came home with me. Gas tank is loose and sitting in the bed w/ fuel pump and sending unit intact...


Build date: Didn't look


Mileage: Didn't look


Current Location: Eagle Auto Salvage - S90 W38108 HWY 59, Eagle, WI 53119 (262)-549-2819 & (262)-392-9653


Status: Wrecked / Parts


Current owner: Eagle Auto Salvage


This page was last updated on 7-16-2010.

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Certain that this one is crushed. Drove by the yard the other day and it is cleaned out, no longer in operation. 

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Found some pictures of the this truck that I took back in 2010. Posting them up. 








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