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5 seconds to start

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Try turning the key forward for a few seconds first (into the 'run' position, to get the fuel pump up to pressure), then start.


It works for my 98 XJ (sometimes i forget, and it takes 5-6 seconds).


My 89' MJ is also a slow starter (5-6+ seconds), and the 'key forward first' trick does not work.


Cleaning the CPS might help you.

Tho it didn't help me,

neither did a new cap & rotor, plugs, wires, fuel filter, etc (<--- it needed that stuff anyway, but didn't help with the cranking issue)

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you can try both cleaning the CPS as well as unplugging it and cleaning up the terminals inside the connector. the CPS sends a pretty weak signal anyways and anything that degrades that signal will cause the computer to wait longer until it's absolutely positive of the location of the engine before firing.

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