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1988 Comanche Pioneer


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4.0, BA10/5, 2WD, SWB, stock suspension

Currently sitting on the patio next to the MJ: Rebuilt HP 30 with new everything from the knuckles out, and Ford 8.8. RE trackbar, ZJ up-country coils and some coils spacers, and a set of wheel spacers. Also a set of ZJ canyon wheels and 31s to go on the MJ and a 96 ZJ 4.0 to stroke, and to swap the accessories over for an efan. I have a 4wd BA10/5 in great shape that I could put in, but I am going to wait on a AX-15. The MJ is receiving all the great hand-me-downs from my ZJ that is going bigger and badder.


Build date: Apr 13 88


Current Location: Denver, Co


Status: Running beater/parts hauler while I overhaul my ZJ. Once the ZJ is done, then I will start in on the MJ. Ive got big plans for my MJ!


Notes: The interior was wrecked when I got it, so options are hard to tell, plus I ripped out most of the interior anyway. It came with a cloth bench(wrecked) that got tossed for a set of 2dr XJ buckets and console. It does have a tilt column and power steering, no AC. It has fog lights(that don't work), and I swapped in a XJ gauge cluster as well. I also added the topper in the pick. It was only $10!


Current owner: Me. I have greatly improved the truck since I got it in april. It still needs a lot of work, but it isnt a bio hazard anymore inside and runs much better than it did. Not bad for a $600 that I have maybe $150 into so far. I have big plans for the truck over the next year. By next summer, it should be one mean machine!


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body: TM61



AGJ-Driver Assistance Group

APA-Monotone Paint

CBA-Straight Back Bench Seat

CGX-RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating

CKA-Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area


ERB-4.0L I6 Engine

GAC-Tinted Glass Windows

GFD-Rear Sliding Window

GSC-Right Black Mirror

JAY-DO NOT USE - See JP, KA classes

JGB-Digital Clock

JHA-Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers

JJA-Cigar Lighter


LAP-Shift Indicator Warning Lamp

LMA-Halogen Headlamps

MBJ-Black Front Bumper

MDA-Front License Plate Bracket

NAA-Federal Emissions

PE4-Colorado Red

QE4-Colorado Red

RAF-AM/FM Cassette Radio

SBA-Power Steering

SCE- Wrapped Steering Wheel

SUA-Tilt Steering Column

TBG-Compact Spare Tire

WJN-15 Aluminum Wheels


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