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Speedometer Cable

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Ok so now my clutch works great, but during the swap there was one casualty, my speedometer doesnt work. Or that is... It doesnt really work. The speedo is making some noise, and the needle wobbles between 0-5 when I'm doing approximately 70 on the highway. Now, before the trans swap the needle wobbled really bad at low speeds and was making some noise, so I'm wondering if the cable is bad, but it couldnt be completely broken because it works a little bit.


Question is do I have the cable installed wrong? I have removed and installed it several times from the t case, but with no improvement.


Secondly where do I find a new one? I'd rather not have to get a used one, and none of the JYs near me have any anyways. Mine is a 4.0, ax-15, NP231 WITH cruise control that works (except for now obviously)


Thanks Guys

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there is three positions that the cable/gear assembly can be clocked in at the transfer case. Try changing the position from the way the gear is clocked now to one of the other positions and try that, if it still doesn't work try the third gear position.

This page is ALL about speedo gears, the bottom half shows how to change the gear and clock the gear in the housing correctly:



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It also may have not reseated in the speedo gear properly, or wherever it connects to the cruise. I would pull the speedo gear from the TC and make sure it is seated properly. If it is, I would then check where it connects to the cruise.

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I believe my cable has finally died, if you spin the cable where it plugs into the tcase, the speedo doesnt move, any ideas where to find a replacement?


Pretty much anywhere that sells OEM replacement parts (junk yard, eBay, dealer, google search, etc.)

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