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Anyone running a 4.5" Lift and have a pic?


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Just as simple as that. I am going to be rolling progress on my utility truck, and since it might have the plow on it come winter, I have kinda tossed the idea of the 6" lift from RE... and am thinking about shopping for a 4.5. I would just like to get some ideas, pics, and input before continuing. I like the BDS 4.5" Long arm kit, but it seems a tad pricey. Short arm/long arm, I just want some visuals and input.


Thanks guys,

Rob L. :cheers:

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285 75Rx16 Coopers on Ruby rims W/1.25 spacers on the front 4.5" BDS springs, RE DBs with RE lowers and JKS upper short arms. 4.5" MT Motion pack out back with a 7.5" shackle.


I LOVE the front coupled with Bilstein 5150's. The rear is a bit stiff with an empty bed.


I have run Rusty's 3.5" coils with spacers, FAR too soft. I have run Rough Country 4" coils with a ACOS and that too was too soft and bottomed too often. I flipped a coin between the 6.5 and the 4.5 BDS springs. Settled on the 4.5's. As I have said many times this is the extent of the lift threshold for our trucks. More lift changes the geometry far too much for the short arms.




IMHO, if you want more than 4-4.5" of lift defineately go long arms up front and factory lift pack SOA in the back.

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