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Lets talk coils

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As of right now my front end sits a bit lower then the rear of my truck, I'd like to level that out a bit this week. I think I have a 3inch coil with 2inch spacers, It's been a while since the lift went in bare with me here. I have a Soa rear end which should be somewere in the ballpark of 5inchs of lift. I was looking into new full size coils and can't for the life of me figure out exactly what I need. since I'm not positive how big my exsisting coils are, or how the measure the lift I have on my Mj. If someone could shed some light on how to measure the lift I would appreciate it. Also I'm looking for a coils that will have some good flex. I currently have rustys coils (Hey atleast I kno that much) and they are as stiff as a board, and don't flex if my life depended on it.



Thanks guys

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