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Anyone reupholster their seats?

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I need to have mine done on both trucks.


What kind of price did they tell you?




You really don't want to know...............


I'm getting my seat redone with a light charcoal grey canvas and the visors to match for $450. :eek:

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The guy here in town said that he would do the wife’s truck headliner for $125 to $150 I didn’t think that was too bad. Any thing has to be better than that darn thing hanging down or stable or thump tack or how every you want to get it to stay up out of your way. My car had this issue took a razor blade and took care of it for good.

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nice, id like to know how the hurculining goes, I'm interested in doing my floors but have absolutely NO clue how. and where do you buy POR15? does it come as roll-on or is it spray-can?




You can get it from POR-15.com or try ebay. I got my kit from a dealer on ebay because the POR-15 website was down when I tried to buy mine , going through some sort of maintenance .

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