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1988 Comanche fix up

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I have a build thread for it i'm buying parts right now . . .


I went with the AMC-290 V8, i'll be mating an AX-15 5spd behind it and swapping out my D35 with 3.73's for the MJ AMC-20 with 4.10's . . . I'm staying with the 235/75R15 sized tires :clapping:


3 step project:


1. restore body.

2. update interior.

3. replace drive train.


Not really going in any order just taking it as it comes along :D for more info click the link in my Sig ;)


Sorry for the :hijack:



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Its a little V8 only 290 cubs 10.2:1 I might rebuild it 30 over bore 296Ci and a stock AMC-401 cam 500cfm 2bbl on 4bbl manifold should get me 215-235hp n 240-260tq with a 1500-4500rpm power curve.

Strong pulling quick reving should pull good when loaded and yet be playful when empty.


I'm also told running that build with a 5spd 4.10s. On 235s truck should get slightly better fuel mileage then the 2.5 4Spd. 3.73 combo I got now ?

I believe when I see it.



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