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Final club T-shirt poll


What design on what color?  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. What design on what color?

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ok well the results were:


Colors: jeep green - 9 black - 6

Designs: flexed MJ - 18 easy to be... - 10


this is the final poll where we try and figure out which design on which color. so the options are:


1: flexed on green

2: flexed on black

3: easy to be... on green

4: easy to be... on black


if you need the pics again incase you don't remember here they are:



Image Not Found


easy to be...:

Image Not Found

i will get a better scan if we use this one.


and since you can only vote on one shirt please vote on the one that you want most.



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y not offer all ? or is there a minium order ?


well the way i understand it, they have to make a screen for each design for each color of shirt. so that would mean 4 screens in all. and screens are what cost money. the shirts are cheap by the bulk. plus yes there would be a minimum order i bet. so the way this was going to be done was the top color of each design. unless there is a high enough demand for all of the colors and members don't mind paying a tad more per shirt.



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