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Just found something in a '91 XJ Limited that I, nor Pat, had never seen before. Looked like a hydroboost out of a diesel, but not connected to the power steering pump... So I took some pics.


Master Cyl:




Under master:




Passenger side of engine co:




Can anyone enlighten me?

Rob L. :dunno:

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That is the famous, or should I say IMFAMOUS Bendix ABS installed in early 90's Jeeps and Chryslers. It was a horrible system that was prone to failure.... so much so that Chrysler implemented a lifetime warranty recall of the systems. The round bulb is an accumulator that stores pressure built up by an electric pump just in case you loose power to the system. But most of the time the pump goes bad and you don't get pressure at all, or when the pump goes bad, it burns up the almost innaccessible fuse link, and any other fuse link near it, or the seals go bad, and the pump runs constantly causing it to burn up.... you see where I'm going. About all that may be good of this system is the front axle shafts are supposed to be the ones with the bigger U-joints.

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can't count, nor do I want to remember, how many of those cursed pieces of bovine excrement I had to work on, all under warranty. every piece of that system sucked


Yup, friend of mine had it on his XJ, he removed it quickly.

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