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2WD MJ to 4WD Help me pick the trans/case

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Here's what I have. An 89 MJ 2WD 4.0 auto 108k miles. I have a non disco HP 30 for the front, that's decided. The dilema is the trans and case. I have a complete trans and 231 case from an 87 with 200k miles(I've never drove). I also have a trans and 231 case from a 98 with around 100k(I've drove and know to be good). Both setups are from 4.0 engines. I would like to use the 98 stuff for the lower milage. What problems will I run into putting the newer trans/case setup into the older Jeep? Should I just use the older setup and call it good? Any opinions or advise would be great, thanks

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all aw4's are mechanically identical. The electronics package differed through the many iterations of renix an obd.

You'll need to save the wiring harness from your trans, then graft it to the wiring harness of the new trans. a few minutes with the respective wiring diagrams should tell you what wires need to be soldered to what.

your renix TCU can control the new trans, the solenoid operation never changed.

As pete mentioned, it's not a difficult job to make the newer 231 mechanically operate the speedo. NP cases were also virualy identical, so it's as simple as removing the assembly from an older case, (88 ) and putting it into the new case (98 )

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