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ford axles in a comanche

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Late '70's. F250s are very popular as they had HP D44 fronts & leaf springs with D60 rears, in many cases. Many find these to be more adaptable than the F150/Bronco axles with cast-in radius arms. Although people have mentioned building a custom front crossmember and using the Ford arms.

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then you'll want to hunt down the 3/4 ton version with 4.10 gears. They will have full tubes up front that will make it easier to weld on the Jeep suspension mounts. 3.55 gears are common. try to avoid them unless you budget increases to accommodate a gear change.


it's not all that hard/expensive to build up Jeep axles to run 33s. late model Jeep axles and the Dana 44 Ford axles run the same U-joints in the front axle.

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the coil buckets from a ford axle won't help if you intend to go with a Jeep 4-link. You'll still be adding your own buckets and control arm mounts and will be doing some significant welding no matter what. the leaf sprung 3/4 ton front axle is more common and easier to wipe clean for the Jeep brackets.

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The front HP44 from a 1972-1977 F-150 has weld on mounts with 1/2" thick axle tubes. Cast mounts started in 1978.


Only the 1977 F-150 has disc brakes and the good axle tubes.


All the above have a 5 on 5.5" bolt pattern.


That is the axle of chose IMO.


1978-1979 F-150 Camper Specials have F-250 leaf spring housings with the 5 on 5.5" bolt pattern.


The F-250's all have the 8 on 6.5". Keep what rims and tire sizes you have in mind when chosing.


F-250 and Camper Special axles have a cast leaf spring mount built in that can interfere with the XJ/MJ LCA mounts and XJ/MJ spring mounts pads.


Here is a good link for you.





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first gen Cherokee? Are you referring to the fullsize Cherokee/grand Waggy? Yes, you will still need custom steering rods.


You are swapping in a completely different axle here, everything will need to be custom.

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