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86 Comanche X 4x4 2.8 V6

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New to the club, really glad I found this place. This was my first vehicle, my dad picked it up when it was completely stock for $1200. At the time it had 70,000 original miles on it. Me and him have done all the work on it ourselves except for the paint job.



Rough Country 6.5" Lift

2" Poly Spacers in front

Cherokee Shackles in rear

Rough Country 8" Lift Drop Pitman Arm

32" BFG Mud Terrains



2.8 V6 (5 Speed Manual)

Edelbrock Intake Manifold

Edelbrock Headers

Holley 4Brl Carb

Flowmaster 50 Series Muffler



"Glove Box Intake" (using spectre plenum)

Electric Cooling Fan (to replace mechanical fan)

Roll On Bedliner (just need to find some free time to install it)

Update Wiper Arms to "J Hook" style (pointless but it bothers me lol)

Clear Side Marker Lights


My Questions:

My wipers are really slow...do I just need to buy a new motor?







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Looks great, those rims are pimp !


How well does the 2.8 fares once modded like that ? Did you have it dynoed ?


Nice mud bath too.


Thanks! As far as the 2.8 it was depressingly week when I fist got the vehicle. I decided to save up a bit and do it right and now I couldn't be happier with the power gains. It is completely stripped of all the emissions control items, tubing, etc. I will have to get a picture up of it so you can see the difference. I have not gotten it dynoed yet but I know it has well over what it did from factory :)

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Cool, I always liked the looks of cleaned out, Edelbrock-equipped engines !


It runs and drives like a dream! I may be getting another Comanche, same as mine was originally but automatic (trading an RV for it hopefully).

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very nice truck! :bowdown:


You'll get the fastest results and most exposure if you ask any MJ related q's in the tech section.


Rob L. :thumbsup:



yup. the projects forum is where we ask about your truck. :yes:

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