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J truck story and question


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Today I went to the local car show held on friday nights, good turnout, pretty nice weather. I parked the MJ outside the show and walked around a bit, went off to get some food, and then came back.


Saw the cleanest J10 I have ever laid eyes on, didn't see the owners, so i made a few more rounds and finally saw them, talked to the guy who owned it, really cool guy, knew his stuff, not so much on jeeps, I knew some stuff he didnt, but he has a bunch of classic cars and such. Name is Rick, lives in mass. We talked for a while, he liked the MJ and my sisters Dodge 100 custom.


The J10 had almost no body rust, no frame rust, floors good, rollbar, it just passed inspection, 6cyl (258?) stick, he just put nice new 33's on it. PO put 4:56s in the AMC 20 outback, front (D44?) was not geared right. He traded an older chevy dump truck for it. He was asking me if I wanted to buy it, I asked how much, He said $4500, now, I don't have that kicking around right now, but i wouldn't mind a nice J truck.


So basically all that to ask: How much would a nice 1985 J10 go for?



p.s: no pics, sorry, If I see it next week, i'll take a lot.

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