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Dome Light Problem

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I know a question about dome lights again. But mine is Bass Ackwards. They stay on all the time when I try to put the lights in from Advance Auto. The old ones did not come on at all and would not stay in. The new ones stay on with the doors shut and will not go off with the light switch on the dash. Where do I go from here?

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Uhmm, you do know that the light has three functions depending on the postion of the lens right. (ON, OFF, and SWITCH)

Change the position of the lens and see what happens.


Oh and if you knew all that, check to see if one of your door switches is bad.



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Yes, the lights worked in the other Comanche.

Opening and closeing doors, lights stay on.

Light switch on dash will not turn them off.

I will check the door switches and dash switch again.

I cut the wires on the other truck off so I would know which way to hook them up in this truck.

I asked the Pitbull and she barked. I don't speak barking. If someone does come and help. :rotf: :rotf:

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