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tomorrow morning, I'm going up to beaterjeep's place to fix the electrical issues on the cherokee, and bring his '88 comanche home.


the '88 is rust free, has a dent in the driver's side b pillar and front of the bed. it's a longbed, 4 cylinder 5 speed 2wd.


the trans is junk, the rear axle has unknown gears due to a swap, and the front brakes are fubar'd. the wiring harness is junk due to some unfortunate wiring done to the heaterbox.



I have a '96 cherokee (compliments of Automan) 4 cyl 5 speed 4x4. automan needs the axles back, but the rest is mine.


I want to put the rest back in beaterjeep's comanche.


and I'd like to remove the dents, replace the front fenders, figure out a roll pan for the rear, swap in either a 4.10 geared 8.25 or 8.8 with disc brakes. unknown if it will remain 2wd or 4wd, that will depend on the condition of the front spindles.


then I'd like to paint it, at least with a base pearl white so he can build off of that for his paint scheme. his interior will also be swapped, including racing buckets.



would anyone like to have a wrench-athon to at least get it and the '95 stripped, and everything swapped in? I can do all the fine details as time passes.





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