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No Spark .......

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I replace the coil, ig. module ........ still no spark, anything else I should be checking?


Background ..... 1986 Comanche X, or Custom, not sure, emblems have fallen off. I got the truck for free, yes for free. It is still sitting at the shop, and the owner never paid to have the work done.


Its got all new plugs, wires, cap, batt. and rotor.

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Checked all grounds ....... grounds seem ok, I'm going to check that wire from the tranny ... we'll see if that fixes it. I need to post some pics so you guys can see what I'm dealing with ..... I know the 4.0 pretty well, but this 2.5 is new to me.


Another note ..... Is there a company that makes the wire packs? Painless wiring maybe?

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