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quick question about redoing rear brake lines

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every morning when i leave for work my rear brakes drag so i have to get under and fidget with the valve thing to stop is, right now it is secured paralell to the axle with a wir cuz the little bar came off, my question is that if i got the xj prop valve could i reuse my old rear lines and just eliminat what i don't need , btw my lines are in great shape and there are no probs with the line its just the sensor above the axle,



thanks for any future help



oh yeah and i don't have enough money to do anything fancy cuz i quit my job

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The XJ combo valve doesn't work "better," but if you eliminate the rear proportioning valve from an MJ, the stock MJ combo valve does not provide any proportioning. This can cause premature rear brake lockup in panic stop situations (or rain or snow), so unless you're old enough to remember how to handle massive oversteer under braking fromt he days before we had proportioning valves, you're better off with the XJ combo valve up front.


The other nice thing about the XJ proportioning valve is that the rear outlet is on the bottom of the valve body. That's the line in the MJ that bypasses the rear proportioning valve, so you can connect that and remove or abandon the line coming out of the nose of the MJ combo valve.

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