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Windshield replacement

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I'm replacing my windshield.



Isn't the windshield suppose to have a foam strip running around the inside beside the sealant?


Also got some rust to deal with.



Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

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I have to do a similar thing, but I would like to get rid of the multi-piece moulding on the outside and go with a one peice rubber type seal.


Where would I find a good seal?

Any glass shop can put the new style rubber trim on when installing a replacement windshield. But ... it is NOT a seal. The seal is still the fat bead of sealant that the glass gets pressed into. The rubber trim is just that ... trim.

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You need to get rid of all the rust you have around the pinch seam, a wire wheel/brush is better that grinding, you don't want to distort the pinch seam at all.


Then you need to prime the bare metal, and top coat it with some good quality paint, like rustoluem.


If you continue on with installing the windshield, you'll need some fast cure urethane sealant, either primer-less type, or regular urethane sealant with a bottle of primer.


If you want to replace the metal trim with the one piece rubber gasket used on the '94+, this is one source -


http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showL ... elID=39265

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I've had to replace 2 windshields.



I will NEVER pay to have it done. it costs $50 for a windshield from a junkyard...and if you break it, you move on and grab another one from another xj.



$20 in sealant from advance auto, a few razor blades, some tape and newspaper. $20 for the '95+ seal if you want it instead.



I take the old broken windshield out with a hammer, having taped the vents over and covered the seats in newspaper.


take the trim off, smash the edges of the windshield with the hammer (3lb wedge-end sledge works great, but be careful not to hit the body)


then pull out the windshield. fold it up, put it in the trash.


heat gun plus razor blade to get the old sealant off...scrape as close to the frame as you can, but don't scrape out all of the sealant UNLESS you have rust. if you have rust, you will be working with a wire wheel to remove ALL of the sealant, then you will prime and paint the windshield frame after taping off the edges. THEN you will be worried about gluing the new one in.



remove all the trim clips as you go. put them back when it's clean if you're not upgrading to the new seal.



you want to leave some of the old material to improve how the new material adheres.




you can use piano wire or a windshield removal tool to remove the old glass if you wish. I find that it's a PITA to remove the factory glass with the windshield trim clips in there, and half of them are glued into the frame.



word of advice...get a windshield from a '95+ xj. the sealant on them is softer, and the rubber gasket cuts easy.

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Thanks for the input guys.


I cleaned up the rust fairly well, then did the POR15 thing, etc etc.


It took two tries to get the windshield in. First time it leaked pretty bad.

Second time I put the sealant on the pinch weld instead of the window.


Just had some rain and snow tonight, so far no leaks.


Next windshield replacement should be a piece of cake.


Thanks agian.

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I just went through this.


I had the glass guy (pro) come out and pulled the glass. He left then I went to town with a wire brush and cleaned up the whole area. Then I coated it with rustoleum. Called the guy and a few hours later he came back and installed brand new glass.


He charged me $90 for the new glass and the install.


I would call a pro and have it done right :wavey:

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