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Ferrari Challenge - Tooele UT *even more pics + vid*


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Flew to SLC for the Ferrari Challenge at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele on Apr 10 and 11.


FXXs and 599XXs were there and a display of the 458 Italia and 4 Californias. Lots of people showed up on Saturday, but it was so windy and overcast the crowds were light. I had no idea there were so many Ferraris in Utah.


Those 599XXs and FXXs are crazy loud, but in a good V12 way.


Some pics:


430 Challenge cars...




458 Italia:







Parked cars at the Ferrari Corral:




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There's various locations throughout the year that they have the Challenge at. Just so happened the stars aligned right to pull this trip off. The Challenge is a good chance to go check out some some racing, and some Ferraris as the local dealerships usually have some there and people who come to watch drive their Ferraris there too. According to https://secure.ferrarichallenge.com/series/schedule there's one coming up in 2 weeks at Sears Point/Infineon CA and then one at the Canadian GP and two in NJ/NY.


A few more pics...






More pics as I upload them from the camera and host em.

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