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mj clutch?

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hey guys whats the best clutch for the money i was looking at a luk pro gold?and also i have a 88mj and put the cj pilot bushing in and its works perfect so will a later clutch off a 1992 work basically is it the same bolt pattern!thanks

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Just looking for the best all round durable clutch to replace the original, 122k. on this still on the road beast of a manche, its getting real weak on me. any ideas would be welcomed


The factory clutch in my '88 XJ had 204,000 miles on it when it was replaced ... and the only reason I had to work on it was that the release bearing gave up. The clutch itself was still good and showed hardly any wear but, for all the work of replacing an internal slave, I threw in a new clutch set as a preemptive strike.


There shouldn't be anything wrong with your clutch at 122k unless the previous owner abused it badly. (Which is certainly a possibility.)

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