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ebrake replacement secrets?

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actually I'm trying to swap mine out too.. i did the rear, obviously not to hard but i've got the foot break for the front so the only real option is to remove the seat and some plastics and the edge of the floor mats. And becasue both ends need to feed through something and there are little metal tabs that hold the cable down so theres no way to attach and pull through or anything like that


sorry i know its a pain, I'm doing the exact same thing

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It has been awhile but it seemed to me the easiest way to get to parking brake for me was to remove the lower panel of the dash. Then I vaguely recall something about a brace for the dask or steering wheel that I removed. Remove the kick panel of course. After that, you only needed to be small, nible and double jointed.

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well small, nimble and dbl jointed I ain't -- took longer than I thought. with the 10 inches of rain so far this yr, the pad under the carpet was a small swamp.


got it done though -- both the cable and the mechanism -- need to re-attack the fuse panel -- got no turn signals now -oh well


ebrake cable number ac delco #18P668 via http://www.rockauto.com


BTW -- the floor pan was still mint --- yahoo desert truck :banana:

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