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  1. Probablly stupid question but I'm putting in a small lift and need to get the front bump stops out to put in the coil spacers. I don't know how they come out I looked around for info but didn't find much. I saw a picture of one with the rubber piece taken out andf a bolt is hidden under there. Don't want to rip anything off without knowing for sure. Any help please?
  2. well you didnt pump my gas yet... still out east for now be another 3 or 4 weeks or so before i get to town, ill check out that place when i head out, the truck is pretty solid ive had it full mechanicled out in ontario about a year and a half ago and got everyhting all fixed up. as long as they don't hassle me about the holes above the rear tires or the missing head liner i should be good everything else is in good order
  3. Hey guys, been a while since i've been on but I'm going to be moving out to Alberta for work, Rocky Mountain House Area, anyone from out there or near there? Would be nice to get some info on this out of province inspection stuff that I'm hearing about.
  4. haha sometimes when I'm driving my gas gage will go all the way right way past full and then all the way left and back again and all over... then it stops and its done having a hissy fit.. but i think the sender is bad becasue no matter how little gas is in the tank i don't go below a quarter :D i guess i never run out of gas
  5. all i can say is mine ran okay when i got it was a fight to start becasue i had to play with the throttle to keep it running till it warmed up and it lacked power, all i can say though is as i slowly replace sensors it keeps getting better and better, oxygen sensor in mine made it pull alot harder all the time just check to see if its still working with an ohmeter, i suggest doing that with all the sensors if you need the values ill send them just ask
  6. i just did mine in all of an hour, but i re did the floors too and that took me about a day and a half, longest part was waiting for the carpet stuff to dry out
  7. haha ya i had everythign ready to do that then oops i put it all in and forgot haha, o well, the frame is so bad i doubt the poor thing will last until the floors rust out more
  8. ive got 2 100w spot lamps, but i used my own wiring and did it myself, i also have 2 not road legal lights rear facing that I'm not sure of the wattage but they are F'n bright... tailgaters love em' Edit: i can run them all at the same time with the regular lights on too, just make sure your not driving real slow
  9. haha my 88 sportruck came with the delux model mirror... it was in the glove box hahahaa
  10. For the purposes of this discussion... the 2.5l requirements are the same as the 4.0l requirements. You still have a flat tappet camshaft motor and there lies the concern. thanks i wanst sure but i figured as much diesel oil here i come
  11. Thanks man glad to hear it looks good to someone else but if you ever hit anything i bet one of us down in the states will be glad so send you whatever you need to fix it to save a Comanche would be way better than to have it in the JY so if you need a fender i will go pull one for you and send it to you. And thanks again i will have to add more pics of the leaf install i jest did lifted it about 2 more inches in the rear looks good if you ask me and i think i can fit 33s. that would be awesome but still scared to crash haha but thank you and ya those are some wicked leaf springs, good luck on your build
  12. i keep hearing stuff about the 4.0 but what about the 2.5 should i still try to find some zinc and phosphorous containing oil
  13. its not really carpet its more like a rubber floor... but ya i was thinking about the rhino or some sort of bed liner option but for the price it is up here, stupid :Canadaflag: prices for things.. ill deal with the rubber floor for now and pressure washing it doesnt sound like a bad idea but i think if i did that all i'd have left is 4 tires and a steering wheel haha ill just use the garden hose for now
  14. just finished my flooring job and put it all back together.. but i got a new oxygen sensor and oh my god its like a brand new truck, never thought i could get that kind of pull out of the 2.5 just wish i could find a new air charge sensor too, that would make my day
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