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Unknown wire

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I'm in the process of pulling the engine and disconnecting all the wires, I found one that was not plugged to anything. It is bundled in the harness that runs from the battery terminal to the started motor. It is orange with a single push type socket. The photo shows it lying across the alternator bracket. Any ideas?


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That is right , no A/C. I'm still trying to decide if I should rebuild the 2.5 or do the 4.0 upgrade? If I was to find a Cherokee to use for the upgrade what would be the prefered year? I'm thinking ~95-96. A premium rebuild on that 2.5 will cost me about $1800, I can find a decent 4.0 Cherokee for about $3500. Not sure if my drive-shafts will work with the 4.0 upgrade?

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Trace that wire back and it goes to a 6 pin connector with only 5 wires. The position for that wire is empty. So basically you have a orange wire coming from nowhere going nowhere. Probably for a possible option not installed or future upgrade. Can find no mention or reference on it in any manual.

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