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One REALLY Nice Jeep!


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That's one fine truck all around! jamminz.gif That looks like an early 80's? Mine is a 76, when I got it the best part was the older re-paint. It's a stalled project now. :(



It's a 73'.


Early 80's would have drivers side diff's, and no 'visor edge' at the front of the cab roof.


It has the 73+ bed/tailgate/taillights & dash (with late model GW seats swapped in)


but has the early 62-73 ft suspension (narrow leafs, even in the quick shot you can tell the difference between 2.5", and 1.75" wide leafs),

SOA ft axle, and old style badging.


Plus, 5 lug wheels are a dead giveaway (62-73 only)

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