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AX-15 VS BA-10

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ok as we all know my tranny is crap. "ba-10"


i found a ba-10 for a direct replacement,but i found a ax-15 today with the t-case



ok my questions are ...


will my clutch/flywheel and pressure plate from my BA-10 work with the AX-15


will i have any drive line issues like drive shaft not fitting or front flange not bolting up?



the ax-15 i found is from a tj wrangler with low miles. its in the junkyard works 100%


and the other a member has from a 94 cherokee


are all ax-15's the same? are the ba-10 and ax-15 clutches interchangeable?



please reply


and my last question whats up with the pilot bearing i hear about does anyone have a part number? or a model they came on i hear there larger inside hole for the ax-15



and both ax-15's i found have external slave cylinder will my clutch line bolt to it?

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Flywheel will be fine.


I believe your clutch stuff will also be fine, although since you're going to have everything apart anyway, you may want to buy a new kit. My brother just got a kit for his 98, came with disc, pressure plate, pilot bushing, and throwout bearing.


You'll also need the 79 CJ w/304 pilot bushing, and have the ID drilled out to 3/4" for the AX-15.


Go back a few pages in the tech section. Over the last two months, there have been a TON of AX-15 swap threads.

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you definitely want to reuse the old flywheel, since the CPS notches are specific to the older electronics.


I reused my old Peugeot clutch with no issues when I swapped in my 99 AX-15.


I used a 74 CJ bushing (with the 304 and manual trans) with no modifications (late 70s CJ stuff may be a bit different).


You'll want to grab an AX-15 crossmember and trans mount.


And there's some other stuff. no that the search is running properly, you should be able to find the older threads about the swap. :thumbsup:

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the transmission would be a plug and play if you were using one from a early 90s cherokee.


the tj transmission may also turn the t-case up towards the floor more requiring some floorpan modification (hammer work)


i just finished putting a yj AX in my truck.


you will need the slave cylinder and master setup because the new one you have is external slave and your current setup is internal slave.

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