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anyone know Portuguese?

Pete M

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Got a new member request for the old yahoo site today and along with it came this text:


Boa Noite a alguns dias fundamos um grupo neste site do Yahoo o" jeepclub catu" e gostariámos de manter contato . Att Paty.



My guess usign a free online translator is it's portuguese, but it still doesn't translate cleanly so I'm not sure what it really says.



Need to determine if this is a real person or a spam-bot.

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Here you go: "Good evening. A few days ago we found a group on the site Yahoo "Jeep Club [???]" and we would like to make contact. Regards, Paty"


I don't find "catu" in my Portuguese/English dictionary. But it doesn't seem essential to get the gist of the message. He found your old Yahoo group and (says) he wants to make contact. Let me know by PM what you want to say back to him and I'll put it into a semblance of Portuguese for you.

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