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possible purchase of a 92

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With little or no rust.........Yea, that's a very fair price :yes:


Just look on e-bay for what any MJ is selling for, and the little "item's" you mentioned that need repair / replaced, you'll see for your self ;)


Wish I could find a '92.......that's the only year I don't have.........yet :headpop:

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still worth $700!!! Those items are minor, and the hinge is a common repair. As long as it runs, its worth it!





And March is getting near the end of the run of MJ's :(


If you really look around, and search really hard, you might find one in "perfect" shape, and expect to pay $3500+ for it, or read that one topic where someone looked for 18 months to find his MJ :roll:


Buy it now, and over look the minor items, as long as the frame is not rotted out, and it's running, it's a keeper ;)

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