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My steal!!! 90 & 91 MJ's

comanche tom

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Hey Guys, I'm new here, so whats up. I have always wanted one of these awesome trucks and I saw these on ebay and had to go for it. I bought the both of them for 1200$!! They are both 4x4 and both stick, both 4.0s each have a little over 100k on them. I live in jersey and drove out to Ohio to pick these up (Woot Woot all you ohio guys, your state is beautiful, I didnt want to leave). I had planned to tow the 90 with the 91 but it didnt work out. So i have to go back to pick up the 90. the 91 is the beefier one with less rust and the brush guard. The 90 is just going to be a parts truck, the 91 is my project and DD. hope you like them...


Image Not Found


Image Not Found


Image Not Found


Image Not Found


Image Not Found


Image Not Found


So far this is what I have done to it:


plugged in temp guage sender


replaced blower


purchased a good battery and fixed the hold-down


fixed vacum hose for 4x4 and other things (still needs vacum motor)


Installed new front brake rotors and pads


Installed new valve stem seals(cleaned & lapped valves) it was burning oil


replaced radiator & thermostat


installed bosch platinum +2'sparkplugs and new rotor,cap, and wires


replaced fuel rail and installed all new injectors


replaced fuel filter


flushed and changed oil (switched to synthetic) put in new filter


new head gasket, mainifold gasket, t-stat housing gasket


installed a goodyear gatorback serpentine belt


fixed the seats and dash pannel & installed new bulbs in dash


replaced steering wheel with stock cherokee one and fixed horn


installed sun visors and headliner is now held up


Upgraded sound system & fixed antenna


installed a catylitic converter and new muffler (thrush, sounds great)


fixed rear liscence plate light


ran sea foam through it



BTW the 91 is lifted but I'm not really sure what it has because I can't read the shocks. My friend thinks that it has the up-country package because it has the engine skidplate and just cuz its not that high and looks stock. But guys on other forums tell me there was no such package available for the manche' so if you guys know if they did offer it of not that would be cool.

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i am in ohio and i went to NJ to get my 86. so i am glad to see that i am not the only one who has done that trip. nice find. and that package was never an option. but there were factory skids that you could order to have put on them. alot of times though they seem to get in the way once you lift one of these. and it looks like it has an aftermarket 3" lift on it with 31" tires. so it is not a very big lift but seems to be the most common for these.


just for comparison here is my 91 with a 3" lift:


and here is my 86 stock

Image Not Found



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yeah they both run. The 90 has a rusted frame and one of the leaf spring shackles broke off, so the axle kinda goes wherever it wants. the gas tank is also rusted through so its not drivable for long distances but the engine thats in it is in perfect mechanical condition; good luck with your buy aemsee, yeah I like the turbines. If you look at the ones on my 91 they are different than the normal ones that are on the 90, they're deeper or somthin. pretty spiffy

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