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really really really want to save this truck near Atlanta

Pete M

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Since I'm stuck up in Michigan till Easter, I might need some help from our Georgia members.


The guy is trying to part this beauty out. :fs1: When I emailed asking about buying the truck whole, he said "parts title. parts only". Is there such a thing as a "parts title"? Or is it just a salvage title? Is a salvage title different in Georgia? Here In Michigan it isn't a deal breaker. The truck is 2wd, so it's not like there's a ton of money to be made off it. plus I'd be happy to just leave the drivetrain with him. I'd be replacing most of it anyway.



truck seems to be in Dallas GA.


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Is there such a thing as a "parts title"? Or is it just a salvage title? Is a salvage title different in Georgia?


He's probably talking about a "salvage title". I went through this when my wife had her car totaled by the insurance co. while we were living in Atlanta.


In Georgia, a salvaged title says you can only sell for parts or scrap. If you're selling to anyone that plans on restoring the vehicle, then they have to be a state licensed re-builder. And only state licensed re-builders are allowed to apply for a new "rebuilt" title for it, after showing proof of work and having it inspected.


But I don't know if the same rules apply between states. My guess is that you'd need to call your local DMV and see if they'd accept a Georgia salvage title. Then call Georgia DMV and see if they waive the "licensed rebuilder" part because you're an out of state buyer.

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If the seller has a salvage yard, it could also be a BOS title, thats what they used for the 'cash for clunkers'. They cannot be rebuilt, only parted out.

cfc can't sell the whole vehicle

they HAVE to part it out

and there is only a 6 month lease that the junk yards get on these vehicles

after the 6 months, if lease don't get renewed, (and it usually don't unless your donald trump or someone), they get smushed into BARNEY RUBBLE :doh:


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Junior (my 87 MJ) is aGeoriga 'salvage' titled vehicle. When you get the title you get a real title that has salvage typed on it in really small print.


In Louisiana I will need to have it inspected and then the state will issue a new title that will still be shown as a 'salvage' title, but the vehicle will be titled and road-worthy.

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