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Completed my full gauge swap - Why doesn't the tach work?

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From what I have read about the swap to a full gauge cluster, the tach is "plug and play", but mine doesn't work at all. All the other gauges work and I have swapped out the 2 sending units. The cluster came out of a 89 XJ and is now in my 89 MJ so I know it is compatible.


Is there something I am missing or something I should check?

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Maybe try this, although I posted this for the gas gauge, the same principle applies.

Quote, previous post, from me: " I had these same kind of problems with my cluster swap. I pulled the cluster back out. Then clearanced the plug openings (female side) with an x-Acto knife so that the male plug would "click" into place easier. Before I reconnected the plugs, I took a sharp object and pulled up on the electrical contacts (male side) to increase contact pressure. Actually my problem was with the gas gauge, after I did this I reinstalled it, no problems."

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